When women do the proposal

“Would you be my husband?” – When women dare and do the proposal of marriage


Yes, men already know: woman wants to get married. To fulfill her girlhood dream. And she is sure that her husband loves her. But she waits in vain for the application. Therefore: Should Madame make the application? YES, say the ones. NO !!, the others. On this subject, the “almost always united” United Photographers team is actually divided into two camps! People, THIS will be exciting.
The dress supposed to be in champagne colours. The wedding day in the end of summer . The gazebo is written, the wedding colours harmonize almost perfectly. All this she tells excitedly to her friend, who listens banned. Until the sentence “now he just has to ask me,” falls.

Silence. Big eyes. The question of why the wedding is already in full planning, although the future person does not know anything about his “happiness”. “Well, I’ll ask him soon.” The silence that follows now is oppressive. Finally, the girlfriend replies: “Lea, you can not do that. The proposal is a task of men. If you do, you will totally mock him! ”

Marriage proposal in 360°: The woman’s side

“Such a nonsense,” says Lea. “Do it yourself. Everything else is totally unemancipated. “Oh, Lord- we put it in the mouth, the E-word. There is nothing else to be desired more on a wedding page: The wedding, the last bastion dripping before the genre. The rolls are clearly distributed. Man makes an application, then leans back relaxed. Woman plans and can be a princess. Just as it should be. Life is complicated enough, we do not have to make it even more complicated by changing the roles. “False,” Lea says. Women have been fighting gender stereotypes since the 1960s: at work, at the cash front, at childcare. At least on paper, we are all equally entitled. That’s why it irritates Lea and many “modern” women, that the differences between man and woman are still confirmed at weddings. On the one hand, women wants the classic roll distribution to be lifted, on the other hand, she pushes the man into an outdated role model in terms of wedding. “This is totally inconsistent thinking. The relationship we lead is not so “. Lea explains that she communicates her feelings and wishes openly – why not in relation to the marriage? Often it is that the man needs a little push. Some men do not even know that their partner has long hoped for a wedding proposal. Or they simply do not dare to ask.

That’s why the women’s pro faction says: “Do not let yourself be deceived by dusty customs. If woman likes to surprise man and show him her love, then she should do it. The woman knows her dreamman and will probably know if he will find that well. And if not, she should leave it.

Whether she or he: You should only make a marriage proposal if you are self-assured that the other will be happy and is willing to say yes.


Marriage proposal in 360°: the man’s side

In the UK, the so-called “Leap Day” is celebrated on February 29th. The reason: In 1288, the Scottish queen issued a law which allowed women to make a marriage application to their husbands on February 29th. These had to accept – or pay penalty. Many British women still use the leap year day to fall on their knees.
“What nonsense!” Thinks Man. Equality is a great thing, but not when it comes to the marriage proposal. It always asks the man that is expected of the woman. That’s how it always has been, and that’s how it should be.

A man expresses it as follows: “As a man I would like to ask her, I do not seek emancipation.” In the restless, fast present, traditions and rituals are central – precisely because of the many changes we must face daily.

For many men it is important and masculine that they can take the initiative and make the proposal. Thus, they can show their romantic, heroic side, while at the same time meeting expectations (the women’s and society).

Who  finds YouTube videos nice, in which the woman makes a proposal and the man cries?

We asked our bridal couples how they were handling the subject. Most couples today decide together that they want to get married. For example, when it comes to setting up a family. However, after this conversation it is usually the man who makes the romantic proposal. Very classic. And then all of them are satisfied

What we also often hear is that the man makes the proposal, because he wants to know and fulfill her desire. That is why he makes the motion. Very male, quite traditional.

That would be the status quo. You realize we are a little traditional


The problem that man of his beloved does not make an application is, however, still not resolved. We got a very good idea of ​​one of our brides as Madame solved her dilemma with dignity:

Forget the matter with the marriage applications for a moment and talk about it objectively and loosely with the partner about it. And in a relaxed situation, which makes it possible to make results and to speak honestly. Clarify the questions:

  • Would you like to get married someday?
  • Do we want to marry someday?
  • Could you imagine that we marry one day?

Best in the context of a wedding in the circle of acquaintances. There fits the theme and is harmless and inconspicuous. But men are not stupid either, and they will understand your question.


Now you are asked, dear readers: We know that this subject is controversial and we are so excited about your opinions. Even if you should not be the same opinion as us or someone who leaves a comment: Please be nice to each other.


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