About Us

One of the most important days in our life is our wedding day. Gathered before family, friends and acquaintances the bride and groom promise to share their lives with each other and to love and cherish one another – in good times as well as in bad times.

Obviously everything on this day should be perfect. Perfect to create beautiful memories for years to come. What did the gown look like, what kind of tie did the groom wear, how were chairs and tables decorated and who was the first one to cry? Too many impressions to remember them all.

This is where Lenke and Robert enters the picture. With creativity, love, expertise and intuition they help couples make their special day even more memorable. With their Fine-Art photography and videography the weddingphotographer duo creates a beautiful memory of the most important day of the couples’ new life.

Lenke and Robert whisk us away into a fairytale world filled with girls’ dreams and happy tears, deep emotions, affection and heartfelt love.

The creative vision of United Photographers is not just visible in their projects. Their way of living is an inspiration consisting of creative exchange of ideas and the marriage of feminine and masculine aspects. Lenke and Robert bask in this lifestyle and this is what helps them bring an almost unlimited amount of inspiration and imagination to the table in their work environment.

Their images and videos reflect the magic of the event and even long after the last dance of the night has faded away, they still make you feel like you can sense the scent of the flowers, listen to the rustling of the wedding gown or feel a soft spring breeze kiss your skin.

The inspiration for the vision of United Photographers is a variety of styles, colours, materials and processing techniques. Lenke and Robert show amazing attention to detail and grant freedom to their unique nature and fascinating intuition of their work. Their portfolio is one of a kind and very special and comes to live with a beautiful combination of captured moments and lovingly creative editing.

Recently United Photographers expanded their team and hired additional photographers and videographers. This allows Lenke and Robert to focus less on planning and organizing, and more of their Photography and creative Photo projects. To create the perfect memory it is important to get to know the bridal couple a little better and learn about their vision, emotions and goals, and especially how they would like to remember their big day.

In an e-session photoshoot the couple gets the opportunity to meet the photographers as well as the videographers ahead of time to ensure that they are in best hands on their special day. So have a look at out Homepage and let yourself inspiring be our Wedding reportage and Highlight Videos, we would love to hear from you and to capture your Wedding story!