Ceremony Film

Couples also have the opportunity to have the wedding ceremony captured in sound and vision in full length. A 25 to 45 minute movie shows not only a summary of the wedding ceremony, but we capture every minute of it, and edit it chronological order and overlay it with original sound and music. Many times we are asked to make a shortfilm of the ceremony in which there is no interruption. This means if we are prepared we can set up 3 cameras and record your full Ceremony with perfect sound quality.

We will edit the film into a real-time version with original sound and on location played music. Good sound quality is provided by professional microphones, which are perfectly hided. The short video will be edited in chronological order, when friends and guest are starting to gather at the location, it will show the Bride arriving in front. And since we have more cameramen we are able to capture meanwhile happenings, like the Bride is walking down the isle and in the other direction you can see the Grooms face seeing his beautiful Bride for the first time. There are countless options, we will discuss the best way, and we would love to create a Ceremony film for you!

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