Engagement Photo’s (E-session)

For what do you need an Engagement session (e-session) Months before the wedding day?

Why is a pre-wedding shooting good for us?

An Engagement Session ( or E-session) is an unforgettable moment for you two together, without any stress, to take some time and show your love on any beautiful location of your choice. There are many possibilities, it can be indoor or outdoor. Elegant, chic or leisure and comfy – we will discuss details in advance and will give you tips, because these photos you want to remember, these photos are showing you and your love just right before the wedding in the middle of your exciting wedding-planing and organizing period.

For what can we use those pictures?

There are many different options for using the engagement photos, you can share them with your friends and family or share them on social media to show your engagement. Or send them a short “Save-the-Date” note to your wedding, why not to use them for the official wedding invitation card?

How does the shooting work?

After we discussed the details we meet on location. It can be in or outdoor, we will give you some good idea’s for choosing a good photolocation. It can be the place where you have met for the first time. or the place of the first kiss. But it can be simply on a wonderful place where you have always dreamed about or on top of the beautiful mountains and Alps. What we are going to do is, that we would like to capture your couple’s love, it’s very important to us that you two feel comfortable and the shooting session can be easy and emotional and honest in the same time.

Locations and Clothes

Try to find a place where you can be free and yourself, a place which means something to you or your fiancée. This will cause that you feel more relaxed. Bring clothes in which you feel good and comfortable, like for instants –  the first date. This is the way we create our relationship with the two of you, and it will be a great experience for you on the wedding day.

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