Creative Photography

The creative photography is part of the wedding photography session in which the couple is wearing their wedding attire. At this point in time the bride and groom have had enough time to get used to the cameras and thus will be able to move around more freely and easily.

The actual wedding day is then shot in a journalism style, which means the photographer captures each moment and event in chronological order. The creative photography may take place on the actual wedding day or on any other day, depending on the couple’s preference. Should the couple chose to integrate the creative photography into their wedding day, they should be aware that there may not be enough time or that the lighting conditions are worse than with a professionally lit back drop.

Picking another day for the creative photography may be advantageous because the couple can take their time picking the right location and making sure to get the perfect shot. There is certainly also an option to take additional creative pictures on the actual wedding day. Have a look at some Creative session photo’s here!

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