Same Day Edit

Another essential element is the Same Day Edit. Even while the wedding festivities are still ongoing, a slideshow made of the wedding photos already taken, or a short film of the most important moments of the day can already be shown then and there. Maybe the bride and groom want to show a first image selection of the wedding ceremony or a short film showing the arriving guests – there is lots of room for imagination. Same-day-Edit’s are always a big highlight in the evening. The shortfilm shows in about 2-3 minutes the preparation of the Bride and Groom, arriving guests and all the important moments on that day. Satisfaction is guaranteed within the wedding guests just as well as Bride and Groom will love to see themself like they haven’t before. You can choose in advance witch song you want to cover your slideshow or film and of course you will get this version on your final USB with all the other material.

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